Brass Cannon Brewing


Brass Cannon is relocating and expanding! We will be moving to a new building closer to Williamsburg. Full details here.

Our tasting room in Toano officially closed it's doors on Saturday, April 2nd. We will remain closed until the new location on Mooretown road is finished. Thanks to everyone who has visited us in Toano, and we will see everyone shortly at our new home!

Main Menu


Our tap room is in Toano, near Williamsburg.

The beers of Brass Cannon are the result of blending modern techniques with traditional styles, mixing new and old world ingredients to create new and amazing flavors. Make sure you stop by the brewery to try it for yourself. We currently offer kegs, growlers, and on draft selections at our tasting room in Toano, VA (between Williamsburg and Richmond) and out in town at local bars and eateries.

The Brass Cannon was selected as the symbol for our brewery for its power, historical wealth, specific ties to our region, and frankly, because a brass cannon in gleaming fighting condition is as aesthetic as hell. 

Brewing a Batch

   The founders of Brass Cannon started as avid homebrewers, mostly to enjoy good beer and share with friends. Problem was, friends kept asking for more and saying that they might be on to something. Tony Artrip, our CEO, operating under the influence of the very same brew put forth the idea of making a business; a mountain of paperwork, time, and much experimenting later, BRASS CANNON BREWING was born. Scott Kennedy, our Master Brewer, has spent recent years expanding his knowledge of the craft, also creating almost every kind of non-distilled beverage known to man. Phil Norfolk serves as our President, working within Sales and Marketing to ensure that Brass Cannon's beer makes it to the public. It is his burden to drink at bars and recruit them to the Brass Cannon cause. Such a tough life.

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